On one side is Intel’s Atom processor, which can handle multi-threading but systems that use it can only have PCI cards.  In the other is VIA’s nano, which can only handle a single thread, but has a faster FSB and can handle PCIe 16x quite handily.  Either system needs less power to run than the majority of graphics cards.  Drop by [H]ard|OCP for a look at what these chips are designed to do as well as who [H] picks as the winner.

You can also get a different look at these two processors in Ryan’s detailed review

“A battle of the most powerful processors on the face of the Earth? Nope. Who sucks the least? Not really, but closer. Marketing teams will have you believe one thing, but we are here today to show HardOCP readers what they likely care about. Which one just works better, Atom or Nano?”

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