The sub $200 market is getting incredibly crowded, and most of those cards will bring you more performance than you might expect.  The newest cards are from BFG, the GeForce 8800 GT and 9600 GT OCX ThermoIntelligence.  The ThermoIntelligence label denotes some serious cooling and a complete disregard for specified clock speeds.  Read Ryan’s reivew in full here.

“Though they might seem outdated we have to say that both the BFG GeForce 8800 GT and 9600 GT OCX ThermoIntelligence graphics cards have some life left them, just as we proved in our recent 9600 GT roundup article. It is true that there are a BUNCH of graphics options huddled around the $150-$250 price mark now and that could make your decision a bit more clouded than we’d like but it really comes down to your exact budget and performance desires. BFG has put both the 8800 GT and 9600 GT OCX TI cards in a very good position with pricing but I would definitely lean towards the 8800 GT OCX model as being the best value in our comparison; that’s a lot of extra performance for just $10.”

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