You thought they were kidding, didn’t you?

Turns out that was foreshadowing, as it was announced yesterday that Activision and Blizzard have merged.  The analysts propose that this is a good thing for the gamer, claiming that the two together will be large enough to compete with Electronic Arts.  Slashdot has a link to the information we know so far, but keep your eyes peeled today as the new merged company is set to make some sort of announcement today.

“One analyst has predicted that the merged company would make $1.38 billion in profits during its first financial year, enough to make Activision Blizzard the world’s largest game publisher. […] But this merger should give the newly-formed company enough heft to compete with EA for such blockbuster projects, said Pachter. ‘It’s good to have a duopoly instead of a monopoly,’ he said. ‘This just makes the industry that much more interesting.'”

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