[H]ard|OCP compares AMD’s new(ish) Edge Detect CFAA to nVIDIA’s MSAA and CSAA.  AMD’s previous cards had Narrow or Wide-Tent CFAA, which no one was really a huge fan of, but this new generation has some interesting tricks.  The article covers a bit on how Adaptive AA works to choose the best way to render textures, and has a lot of screenshots comparing the ways that nVIDIA and AMD’s AA differ.  They also look at the performance impact and mention a few titles in which you won’t want, or be able to use, some of the AA techniques.

“AMD’s new ATI Radeon HD 4800 series provides shader powered antialiasing features! We examine in-game IQ and AA scaling. We’ve got all the information on using the Edge-detect Custom Filtering AA and what it will do for you in-game. If you are not sure how to best leverage your new 4870 or 4850 video cards, we show you how.”

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