iMetal’s iP-HS2 Isolation Headset will work on anything that can use headphones, though it is branded as an iPhone accessory.  You feel a little odd having a microphone attached your MP3 player, but the advanatages of isolating in-the-ear headsets may make you want it anyways. Drop by I4U and get a look at these neodymium driven ear buds.

“Today we are looking at the iMetal iP-HS2 Isolation Headset for iPhone that is designed to work specifically with the iPhone. The headset is very attractive and works well. The other day we reviewed teh iP-HS1 model from the same company.

I found that the ear tips are rather small in their sizes; I typically use medium ear tips on most isolation style headsets. On the iMetal iP-HS2 Isolation Headset for iPhone, I had to move up to the large to get the same seal and fit I normally see with medium tips. If you have large ears, this could be an issue for you.”

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