Stuck with an ageing graphics card and holding off on picking up the newer game titles until you can manage both a new graphics cards and a new game or three?  Ryan just finished a review of the new 9500 GT from nVIDIA, which will get you around 30fps on medium detail in Crysis, and it will do it for less than $100.  This card won’t give you any bragging rights, but it will certainly give you a good experience for your investment.  Check out how it performs against the $120 8600GTS and the $80 HD 3650.

“”That being said, the new GeForce 9500 GT did perform very well when compared to AMD’s current budget level competition, the Radeon HD 3650. The GeForce 9500 GT was able to play through some of the latest titles at decent image quality settings very well. A line up like Call of Duty 4, Unreal Tournament 3 and Crysis is nothing to sneeze at – especially when you take into account the price point that you’ll find this card selling for.”

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