Some days it can be downright frustrating to work with PCs, from external HDD’s that need life support systems to BSODs and being eternally stuck in Safe Mode; all of which can lead to “Sudden Lost Interest” syndrome.  Even your PSU and peripherals can get in on the act in strange and interesting ways, or heat seems to be unmanageable.  Some days even the programs that are supposed to help and protect you won’t cooperate

One way to try to shake off the blues is to pick yourself up a new PC, so that at least the problems you encounter are new ones; to that end Ryan has finally updated our Hardware Leaderboard.  Drop by and see what changes he made and let him know what you think in the HWLB forum.  If you don’t want to do the whole upgrade at once, the Frogs in the Trading Forum might just be able to set you up with a nice replacement part, maybe you can even find someone crazy enough to want to play with your misbehaving components.

What ever you do, make sure it stays fun for you and everyone around you … don’t let your PC know how much it is making you suffer.