Thermaltake’s DH102 Home Theater PC Case offers a front panel that will fit in with any stereo system, thanks to the brushed aluminium, analog dial and the LCD display.  Of course, it had better do it’s job well at $500 for an empty case.  As long as the price hasn’t scared you off, try checking out [OC]ModShop’s full review.

“Manufacturers are working hard to make these new PC cases look like traditional Home Theater equipment. The cases are built with anodized aluminum, come with authentic HT feet, and are adorned with volume knobs, media controls, stealthed DVD bays, and display readouts. One of the latest (and coolest) display readouts is a large LCD touchscreen that allows the user to operate the PC completely without a remote control.

The DH-102 Home Theater Case is Thermaltake’s flagship case that comes with a large 7″ touchscreen LCD, media controls and knobs, and is certainly worthy of being included in any elite home theater rack.”

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