The Inquirer stumbled upon some screenshots of an unreleased 45nm chip from Intel.  The current chip with the closest specs is the E2200, which retails for about $80.  This new chip, being a little faster should run about $100.  If these screens are to be trusted; the chip is capable of hitting 4GHz with a FSB of 1280MH.

“A TAIWANESE OVERCLOCKER has posted screenshots of an Intel 45nm Pentium processor, which has not even been announced yet.

The entry-level 45nm processor is shown at both stock speed and overclocked in a thread on the Taiwanese forum, Coolaler.

Screenshots show that in CPU-Z the chip is listed as being a Pentium E5200 with a 45nm Wolfdale core. It also records a clock speed of 2.5GHz, 2MB of cache, and 800MHz front-side bus.”

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