Hard disks are not terribly fond of heat; especially the new Raptor which is a 2.5″ HDD surrounded by a 3.5″ heatsink.  While most users will never experience the wonderful smell of well cooked HDD, it is more common for the heat to accelerate the general failure of HDDs.  Drop by Madshrimps for a look at several passive HDD coolers that may extend the life of your drives, two that will bump your HDD up to a 5.25″ slot and one that will let you keep the HDD in the 3.5″ slots.

“In this article we take a closer look at three solutions from Titan and Scythe which aim to cool your HDD without fans; two of these products, Titan TTC-HD90 and Scythe Himuro also help reduce noise. We combine them with a 10.000rpm Raptor to see if they can handle the heat and noise!”

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