Blizzard is one company that gets a big break from gamers.  StarCraft came out a long time ago, but there are no running gags about StarCraft 2’s release, even after a year of screenshots and teasers.  The same goes for Diablo, which has been close to a decade since it’s last update and is finally getting updated.  Ars Technica can tell you more about Blizzard’s announcement of Diablo 3, as well as links to the official site and several of the newer screenshots and teasers.

“Before World of Warcraft was raking in billions of dollars in revenue for the company, Blizzard’s biggest RPG franchise was none other than the classic Diablo. Now, some eight years after the release of Diablo II, the company has announced the long-awaited and oft-rumored brand-new iteration in the series, Diablo III. Related Stories

Blizzard unveiled the title over the weekend at the 2008 Worldwide Invitational in Paris, France. Though no release date or window has been announced, Blizzard notes that the title will be hitting PCs and Macs simultaneously. When questioned about when fans might expect a potential release, the company responded as it always does by saying the equivalent of “when it’s ready.”

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