It turns out that nVIDIA’s odd stance that only certain models of HP laptops would suffer from the G48 and 86 problems is about as believable as most words that come out of a salesman’s mouth.  The magical ability to heal the wounded chips ascribed to all manufacturers but HP doesn’t seem to be working very well at Dell either, with ten models getting a BIOS update.  The Inquirer still feels that the true story is that all the chips are bad, and while that may or may not turn out to be the case, nVIDIA would be better off to come clean about the issues like AMD did recently with the Phenom TLB bug.

“IT LOOKS LIKE Nvidia wasn’t entirely truthful when it last talked to analysts. The outfit’s G84/G86 statement about problems being confined to only HP was just blown out of the water. Dell has now unofficially admitted to the same problem in ten models.

The G84/G86 story is just getting messier, and NV is refusing to come clean, mainly because the problems just might sink the company if it does. The short story is that all G84 and G86 chips are bad, period.”

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