Over at bit-tech you can see the build process and the final product of one serious case mod.  A dedicated Blue engineer has gathered enough supplies to erect a dispenser powerful enough to run Team Fortress 2.  Even if you aren’t a fan of the game, thequality of this build makes it worth checking out!

“And now, after looking over Ton Khodee’s, aka TiTON’s, latest case mod, I just can’t even begin to conceive the amount of effort and passion that must have gone into building a mod like this – the Team Fortress 2 Sentry and Dispenser Case Mod. Words can’t even describe how awesome it is.

While just making one of these would be enough to drain the life of most modders, TiTON isn’t even stopping at two – he intends to make the Sapper with a touchscreen LCD and the Teleporter too! The real life incarnation of Team Fortress 2’s Engineer? We can only assume so. Just don’t wear red around him.

TiTON has gone to extraordinary lengths to create this set of scratch-built Team Fortress 2 themed case mods and we love them to bits.”

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