Higher quality MP3 players, like the recently release X-Fi Xen can’t really show off the quality they are capable of with a pair of $10 earphones.  The best quality comes from cans, but not everyone wants to wear something that big, or try to transport them around.  Phillips has introduced two new audiophile quality earbud style headphones, which you can see at Hardware Zone.  The display it’s self is rather impressive as well.
“Audiophiles know that choices are aplenty when it comes to audio peripherals and they’ll be even more pleased to know that Philips is adding their fair share into the retail market. Held on the 17th of July at St. James Powerstation, Philips introduced two of their latest inner earphones lineup for your consideration – the Philips SHE9850 and SHE9800 (both of which are catered to specific needs).”

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