BFGTech pumped up the clocks on the GeForce GTX 280 OCX to 665MHz and 1458MHz, from the stock 602MHz and 1296MHz, so [H]ard|OCP pitted it against a stock GTX 280 as well as the HD4870.  For those who can afford the best, then the OCX is your card.  There is nothing faster than it right now, and the next card to beat it will likely be the 4870 X2, which is technically two cards, and might necessitate a change in motherboards for some users.  Keep an eye out for an interesting graphical discrepancy between AMD and nVIDIA in Crysis.

“BFGTech’s best single-GPU video card is with us today, ready to be put through its real world gaming paces. We compare it to the stock-clocked GTX 280 as well as ATI’s best offering. We had some results that we did not expect and ones that might surprise you as well!”

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