The OCZ Core SATA 64GB SSD demonstrates what we expected when we first heard of solid state drives.  It’s just $259, a drop of almost $1000 in about a year, the performance is almost obnoxiously impressive and the lack of moving parts is still a huge advantage.  The Guru of 3D predicts the pricing of WD Raptor drives will have to start dropping in price to compete with these drives.  In a few years, some techies may not even know what incredible noises a dying platter based HDD can make.
“OCZ Technology has the honor to be the first ever manufacturer to have one of their SSD drives tested here at, and we have others in queue as well. Despite the negative spins from traditional HDD manufacturers and a couple of sour SSD manufacturers who do not have their technology right, let me state .. Solid State Drives are here to stay, and inevitably they will replace HDDs. And by saying that I do not mean in the next 3 years or so. But think of long term usage, this will be the faster technology, this will be a high-volume technology and it will be a reliable technology as there are no more moving parts inside that storage unit.

The SSD technology has advanced to a level where it can compete with even the fastest WS Velociraptor HD, and let us show you exactly that.”

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