The previews of the HD 4870 X2 are certainly impressive, Ryan was seeing an average frame rate of 40fps in Crysis at 1920×1200 and 8xAF.  It does feel like AMD is taunting their fans thanks to the way this card was released.  We have no firm date (Q3 sometime-ish), no idea what the availablilty will be like, and absolutely no idea what the price will be.  Still, it is nice to see positive results from AMD’s graphics cards.

“While it is hard to get a complete outlook of AMD’s new Radeon HD 4870 X2 1GB card with three games and some 3DMark Vantage numbers, our initial outlook for it is very, very good. If those idle power numbers can be improved upon with the updated PowerPlay BIOS as AMD claims, it will be very difficult to find weaknesses in AMD’s new flagship product. The only exception might be the scalability concerns we mentioned above – that’s up to AMD’s software team to keep up with the PC titles as they arrive.”

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