48 colours, 5 grays and a 64 sprite maximum were good enough for a hit video game once; and we only needed the 2 buttons.  Take a peek at some gaming history at OCMODSHOP as they review Capcom’s 1988 classic, Bionic Commando.  You can even watch some gameplay and be amazed at the sound track and flashing screen.  Try to imagine what the re-make and sequel will look like, both will be arriving to this generation of gamers soon and we can see how they grapple with a game in which you cannot jump.

“With a remake on the way along with a sequel, it got me to reminiscing. Not on what old school remakes were, but when Bionic Commando was Bionic F**KING Commando. Even if you didnt have this game, someone nearby did, and every kid in school had played it. Upon starting the first stage there was always the classic question: How the hell do you jump?

This was why Bionic Commando is such a classic though. In an 8-bit world leaned on Mario and virtually every game having an option to jump, Bionic Commando ditched the whole idea and gave you a grappling hook. With this hook was how you got to ledges, hopped over enemies, and proceeded through the levels. By the second area you are so accustomed to the controls you forget that you cant jump-thats good controls right there.”

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