More information about the upcoming Bethesda release of Fallout 3 has appeared; this time from Wired.  While there is not that much information on the VATS system that will be used to incorporate real time and turn based combat into one seamless system, we at least hear that it incorporated canned movies, making one think of the latter games in the Final Fantasy series.  Read on to hear about Wired’s take on the dialogue, one of the biggest fears of old time fans.

“Aesthetically and aurally, Fallout 3 is amazing.

The entire world is decrepit and properly nihilistic, the characters you encounter are simultaneously dirty and pretty and every sound — from gunshots to the barking of attack dogs — sounds simply fantastic.

Combat too is handled very well. The game offers shooter fans a traditional first-person-shooter style aim and fire mechanic, but fans of the older Fallout titles will also be pleased to hear that the game incorporates a semi-turn-based VATS system.”

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