Thecus N5200PRO is extremely well-received by users and IT media worldwide. It is regard as the best of its category. Huge storage capacity under high level of data protection, outstanding performance and numerous functions are the reasons why it is recognized as one of the most desirable digital storage solution for offices and homes to store valuable data.

Since N5200PRO usually operates at long period of time, power consumption is a major concern for users. With its energy saving design, N5200PRO requires limited power to execute tasks. Below is power consumption under 3 operation statuses:

  1. Without HDDs: 39W while running without any HDD.
  2. Access: 79W while transferring files (with 5 750GB WD Caviar HDDs).
  3. Standby: 57W during system (& disk) standby.

The average office PC draws approx. 110W of electricity. Therefore, with 5 high capacity hard drives and maximum loading, N5200PRO power consumption is 28% lower than average PC. It is considered as energy saving device and is applicable to network environment. Users do not need to worry about huge electricity bill when leaving N5200PRO running for a long time. The energy conserving design allows the device to operate with limited electricity.

N5200PRO, the Energy Saving Device at Home or Office - Storage 2