Before RAID became the main solution for large storage arrays, JBOD ruled the streets.  Just stick in a few drives, doesn’t matter what size, and suddenly they are registered as one large disk.  Tagan kept that simplicity, there are no drivers to install, nor is there any fighting between the drives.  Try the Tagan Icy Box IB-3218 a USB connected external JBOD box.  Bjorn3D tried it out and found that while they did love the box it’s self, they thought the included PCCLONE EX LITE software needed some improvements.

“It’s hard to find an easy solution to your data backup needs. Most are complicated, require one set of software and another storage method that wasn’t really designed to go together. Flash Drives are good for smaller things and portability but what do you do if you need gigabyte after gigabyte of data, pictures, music or video stored at the end of the day but would like to get home some time this week? How about the Tagan Icy Box IB-3218 USB external JBOD drive enclosure? Will it store all the data you need and do it in an unobtrusive manner that allows you to get on with life while it quietly, reliably does it’s job?

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