The official E3 trailer for Fallout 3 is available for your viewing pleasure, boingboing was nice enough to embed it here.  Watching it doesn’t really explain the mutant blend of turn based and real time that Bethesda claims will be it’s main mode of play, but it does give you a very quick glance at the action.  It also looks like Bloody Mess will be a very popular trait.

“Crunchgear was kind enough to post up the official E3 trailer for Bethesda Software’s upcoming retro-futuristic, post-apocalyptic sequel, Fallout 3. The opening live-action, 50s-style educational film strip is just a bit too wink-wink for its own good (if Fallout 1 showed us anything, it is that there is great emotional punch to playing the tropes of the era straight), but the end portions show the open-world Mad Max game I’ve waited my whole life to play.”

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