Take a look at the table on the second page of HEXUS’ preview of the 9800 GT; compare the new 9800 GT specs to the old 8800 GT specs.  Can you spot the difference; I’ll give you a hint, it involves a feature only found on nForce motherboards, and is a feature that neither Ryan, Josh or I could find a single good point about when we tried during a previous Podcast.  You get no die shrink, no clock speed increases, you don’t even get the opportunity to try 3-way SLI, this looks to have been a 8800 GT given a BIOS flash and a new sticker, now being sold as a new card.  Even better, Zotac has included hybrid power on recent 8800 GTs.

“Today sees the introduction of the GeForce 9800 GT GPU, priced to compete against AMD’s Radeon HD 3870 512 and Radeon 4850 512 cards.

So what is GeForce 9800 GT? Why is its introduction important, and how is it likely to perform?

Read on to glean the new ‘GT’s vital specifications, and then take a gander at BFG’s pre-overclocked version.”

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