nVIDIA is getting one up on AMD, without having to even lift a finger.  NGOHQ has received support from nVIDIA to get PhysX working on AMD graphics cards.  AMD, a little late to the race has now started to also help coders try to get PhysX to run, but The Inquirer makes it sound as if the NGOHQ guys are having great success.  It does make one wonder how specialized Ageia’s hardware in the original release of the PhysiX card, if AMD’s cards can support it with the help of enthusiasts. 

“Whilst the green team has made plenty of hay out of the fact that Nvidia Geforce GPUs can now process physics routines in games like Unreal Tournament 3 (and benchmarks like 3D Mark Vantage), amateur coders have had fun in the past few weeks trying to get the same routines running on AMD hardware – with the full support of Nvidia.

The chaps at NGOHQ.com report that they got both software tools and developer assistance time from Nvidia to help get Physx running on ATI hardware – presumably since Graphzilla considers this not just a marketshare bonus for Physx, but a major kick of sand in the face to Howling Hector, Dodgy Dirk and his crew, who not only couldn’t afford to buy Ageia, but can barely afford to buy a sandwich at the moment after losing $2.5bn of its $3.2bn of ATI goodwill.”

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