techPowerUp has snagged one of the new AMD PCIe TV Wonder 600s, which along with its’ 650 brother are the first AIW products we have seen in quite some time.  The is the less expensive model, so it is missing some of the features of the higher end model such as a slim profile and HD support.  It does handle digital cable, so you don’t have to worry about the death of analog TV.  Drop by and check it out.

“The new TV Wonder 600 PCIe TV tuner card is the PCI-Express x1 entry level model of the new series. This is also the first time that the TV Wonder series is available in Europe with the PAL standard. It can be used for analog or DVB-T signals and manages MPEG encoding by software. The card is built on a fancy purple PCB, comes with an extremely stylish IR receiver along with a remote and PowerCinema 5.”

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