Legit Reviews has decided to find out for themselves whether ASUS or Gigabyte produces the most power efficient motherboards.  They have copies of the FUD filled slides produced be Gigabyte which started this whole fiasco, so if you didn’t see them before, you can now.  Read the full review to see why Gigabyte decided to apologize.

“So, in the end, who is the winner? I would have to say first off that the winner is the consumer. Less power being used means less money flying out the door to the utility company, and that is a good thing for the pocketbook, especially with gas prices headed the direction they are. I would also say that the environment is a winner. I am not going to get all politically correct. In fact, no matter what your view is, you would have to admit that using less power is a good thing. Just the fact that we are even talking about this subject is a good thing. We have a responsibility to take care of the earth, and this certainly can help.”

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