It is easy to figure out what the H2O Waterproof Headphones are for and from [OC]ModShop’s testing, they do actually work.  Of course, it is recommended that you purchase a waterproof case for your MP3 player, but the choice is up to you.  Pick up a pair and you can listen to your favourite music, and our Podcast, while swimming, boating or just taking a shower.

“Its a known fact that the general public loves their music. Anyone can see the success of car audio, satellite radio, MP3 players, CDs, records, and the like. Only recently has music become portable in a format that works for everyone from athletes to outdoor enthusiasts. One group of people has been consistently left out though people who love water sports and recreation. You cant take an iPod and traditional headphones underwater, and God forbid you drop your iPod into Puget Sound while kayaking. Now there is an alternative for the rest of us.”

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