Ars Technica has new advice on those looking to pick up a killer gaming rig this summer.  Their all inclusive budget gaming rig comes in at $1,210.39, including a 22″ widescreen LCD.  Their performance box will run you $2,739.20, and has a lot of power behind it.  You can also get a second opinion from Ryan on our own Hardware Leaderboard.

“Upgrade madness brought on by video game lust—it’s something most gamers know well. It gets very nasty with computers, since component makers push out updated and revised products on a regular basis, knowing that if nothing in the current crop of games takes full advantage of it already, a game that does will be along shortly.

The thing is, if all gamers were willing to accept a lower resolution, lower image quality, or both, for that game that came out yesterday, many dollars would probably be saved—or at least spent on other things, such as gas, or maybe bacon.

But that’s just not good enough for some. Hardcore gamers demand more.”

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