Silicon Power is a company that hopes to make it’s name in the storage market, but they are off on the wrong foot with their Silicon Power 64GB SATA SSD.  While the price of the disk is below $1000, the performance that Benchmark Reviews saw in their testing placed it firmly in the middle of the previous generation of SSDs.  It does have a nice metal shell that looks a little more impressive than the plastic covers seen on other SSDs, but it does increase the weight.  There is also hope that their soon to be released SATA-II drive will catch up to the performance of this generation of SSDs.

“Silicon Power has big dreams, but this a cruel world we live in and being the new name in competitive North American computer industry usually doesn’t help dreams come true. Making matters more difficult – even beyond the obvious start-up hurdles – is the latest product focus of Silicon Power: Solid State Drive (SSD) technology. But all of this isn’t to say that I don’t think they can do it, because there have been many a new name made by fresh companies introducing product with a dramatic improvement over the old. But will Silicon Power enjoy this luxury? Benchmark Reviews tests the Silicon Power 64GB SATA SSD model SP064GBSSD25SV10 against nearly a dozen other Solid State Drives to see how well their SSD performs.”

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