Sans’ Digital MS1U Media Saver is an enclosure, similar to other mobile HDD cases, that knows a few extra tricks.  It has three memory card slots that are compatible with about a dozen different formats, a small LCD to tell you what the device is currently doing and rechargeable batteries so you can use it where there are no plugs.  Take the memory out of your camera, stick in the appropriate slot and the MS1U will copy the pictures onto the hard drive, with a seperate folder for each card, just to make it eaiser.  ASE Labs also liked that it was smart enough not to copy files it has already seen.

“You are probably like most people when they go on vacation and use a digital camera with a few memory cards. It would be great if you didn’t need a computer all the time to constantly backup your photos. The MS1U from Sans Digital is billed as a digital photo bank and it does just that. It takes a laptop (IDE) hard drive and converts it into portable storage for your memory cards.”

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