A company called Danamics has created a liquid metal based CPU cooler that combines liquid metal with an electromagnetic pump.  This is the technology used to keep subs, satellites and some nuclear reactors cool, so it should be able to handle a Phenom.  Check out the details at Slashdot.

“Bios Magazine is reporting that the world’s first commercially available liquid-metal based CPU cooler is about to ship. Danamics, a Danish company, claims that its LM-10 outperforms standard air-cooled heatsinks and most watercooled systems with a mere 1W power draw. ‘The liquid metal is a key component in Danamics cooling systems. Liquid metal has two major advantages when cooling high power density heat sources: Firstly it has superior thermo physical properties that decrease temperature — and temperature non-uniformity — on die and across chips. Secondly, the electrical properties of the liquid metal enables efficient, reliable and ultra compact electromagnetic pumping without the use of moving parts, shafts, seals, etc.’ Awesome technology, if it actually works and is affordable. The submitter requests that the moderators terminate all T-1000 jokes.”

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