At the beginning of the overclocking portion of a review is usually a disclaimer, not only letting you know that you will be voiding your warranty but also that it is possible for Bad Things to happen.  Hopefully you have never experienced anything awful while overclocking, but it does occasionally happen and when it does it is never pretty.  Take the results of this ill fated memory review over at ExtremeTech for example.

“I never, ever do my testing on my main computer. I have a plethora of testbeds, most of them in pieces. When I have to use components in my main PC, I remove them and place them in a testbed, or I throw a fresh drive into the primary computer so my data drive is spared any possible stress.

So anyway, I was working on this big memory article. My main computer happens to have a motherboard in it called the MSI P35 Platinum Combo, and it has both DDR2 and DDR3 memory sockets. I thought, just this once, I can whip up a story on my primary PC. I back up every night. What could go wrong?”

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