I will be using an Intel LGA775 CPU and motherboard for testing.  In most cases, you will probably want to complete installation of the True Black 120 cooler before installing the motherboard into your PC enclosure.  Thermalright includes a brief installation overview sheet with the True Black but a more detailed Installation Guide with lots of pictures is available on their website. 

Prior to installation, the CPU IHS and the True Black base were cleaned with isopropyl alcohol before applying a small amount of Thermalright’s new Chill Factor 2 thermal compound to the top of the CPU.  Note: I found the Chill Factor 2 to be rather difficult to apply evenly when cold.  Warming up the thermal compound (and CPU) made applying the Chill Factor 2 much easier and resulted in a more uniform application.

Thermalright True Black 120 CPU Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 17

The first step is to position the backing plate underneath the CPU socket and carefully set the True Black heatsink on top of the CPU (after applying thermal compound of course). Now slide the X-wing mounting bracket into place and open it up into the fully expanded position.  The heatsink is secured in place with four shoulder screws and springs.  The screws bottom out when tightened so there is no having to guess about how tight to screw them in.  A small dimple in the mounting cross bar engages into a hole in the top of the heatsink base to center and hold it in position. 

Thermalright True Black 120 CPU Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 18 

Overall, the True Black 120 heatsink proved easy enough to install onto my LGA775 test bed.  Even though the cooler is relatively large, clearance around the socket area components was very good and there were no problems with interference. 

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