Final Thoughts and Conclusions
Thermaltake pulled out all the stops when they designed the new limited edition SwordM full-tower case.  The SwordM’s unique styling and sleek curves are sure to draw attention to this high end gaming enclosure.  The SwordM is big, bold, and features innovative features including a pop-up convertible top, multiple hinged doors, and hydraulically damped spring cylinders.  Add on Thermaltake’s 7” LCD monitor and you are sure to have a very unique show system.

The SwordM integrated water cooling system proved easy to setup (most of the components come pre-installed) and will deliver acceptable results for cooling most modern CPUs.  However, there are other water cooling systems available (including DIY) that will deliver higher performance.  And if you are not ready for water cooling, the standard SwordM chassis offers excellent airflow for aggressive air cooling.

Thermaltake SwordM Water Cooling System - Part 2 - Cases and Cooling 30

The Thermaltake SwordM full-tower enclosure with integrated water cooling system is currently available from many of your favorite Thermaltake resellers.  And as you might expect, a hand assembled, limited edition full-tower case with all the features included with the SwordM does not come cheap. 

•    Thermaltake SwordM Full-Tower Case $499.99 USD
•    Thermaltake SwordM Full-Tower Case (with water-cooling system) $599.99 USD
•    Thermaltake 7” LCD Monitor $339.99 USD

The Thermaltake SwordM is a radical case designed for the elite gaming enthusiast with deep pockets.  It isn’t perfect but for many the unique styling and numerous features will far outweigh a few short comings. 

I would like to thank our friends at Thermaltake for sending us the SwordM enclosure with the integrated water cooling system to review – thank you!  Be sure to use our price checking engine to find the best price for the SwordM case or any of Thermaltake’s other fine products.

And if you have any questions or comments about the article, or would like to see what others have to say about the SwordM case, just click into our Cases, Cooling, Power, and Modding forum to join in the discussion!

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