Intel’s been talking up their Centrino 2 for so long that not a lot of what we are hearing today is news; most are things we;ve known about for quite a while.  The focus is apparently on “performance, battery life, form factor, wireless and security”, extending some, but attempting to shrink the form factor.   Get the full story in Ryan’s article, with slides from Intel as well as his perspective on Intel’s second go at dominating the mobile world.

“We mentioned switchable graphics above as a new power savings technology from Intel, but what exactly is it? Think of it as NVIDIA’s Hybrid SLI technology for a notebook rather than a desktop; a notebook that has both discrete and integrated graphics (as all Centrino 2 systems will have) can either automatically or manually be switched from operating on either GPU solution. This way you can see the benefits of an IGP solution for battery life concerns when necessary or utilize the performance of a discrete GPU solution for gaming sessions when battery life isn’t an issue.”

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