Patriot is helping to keep DDR2 alive, most recently with their PVS22G9200ELK 2GB DDR2 PC2-9200 memory kit.  DDR2’s tight timings do give it an edge, until the higher clock speed of DDR3 leaves it in the dusty like some obsolete piece of enthusiast tech.  Ramping up the speeds, in this case to 1142Mhz on some boards should keep you happy until triple channel DDR3 appears.  Read on at Elite Bastards to see how this kit fares against some high quality OCZ RAM.
“While most standard DDR2 memory modules are rated at standard modern FSB speeds such at 800MHz, up to 1066MHz, Patriot’s offering here is a cut above this, rated at speeds of up to 1150MHz (aka PC-9200) coupled with some pretty tight timings of 5-5-5-12. NVIDIA’s EPP (Extended Performance Profile) functionality to easily utilise the best possible settings for your memory on supported motherboards is also available here, with an EPP profile offering a 571MHz (1142MHz effective) clock speed.”

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