Nehalem has joined the swollen ranks of the “i” crowd, thanks to the marketing wonks renaming it i7.  If you don’t feel that you have heard enough about Intel’s new up and comer over these past three days, AnandTech has a treat in store for you.  Fifteen pages of information on everything from Loop Stream Detection to the cache hierarchy and even the return of Turbo Mode in a slightly different form.  It’s all yours to discover.

“Recently Intel announced Nehalem’s branding: the Intel Core i7 microprocessor. I’ve asked Intel why it’s called this and so far the best response I can get is that the naming will make sense once the rest of the lineup is announced. Intel wouldn’t even let me know what the model numbers are going to look like, so for now all we’ve got is that it’s called the Core i7. I’ll use that and Nehalem interchangeably throughout the course of this article.”

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