The details are still scarce, and FrostyTech’s article isn’t a review; it’s more of an FAQ, but it is all that we have so far.  The bad news is that your existing socket775 cooler is not going to work with the new socket1366 Nehalems, even with an adaptor it is unlikely to fit. 

“The first Intel socket LGA1366 heatsinks have landed in the Frostytech labs from a well known heatsink company whose name we can’t mention, and we expect to have a full collection of LGA1366 heastink reviews shortly. In the mean time, answers to questions like: 1). Will current Intel socket 775 heatsinks fit on Intel socket 1366 motherboards? 3). Do Nehalem socket 1366 heatsinks use the plastic push pin clips, or something new? 2). If I use a socket 775-to-1366 adaptor bracket to make my existing Intel heatsink fit onto a Socket 1366 motherboard, is that okay?”

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