Vienna, Austria – August 15, 2008 – Diamond Multimedia (, a leading manufacturer of PC graphics cards, sound cards and communications products, launched today, the Diamond Radeon HD 4870 X2 – XOC3 H2O edition graphics card. This card offers exquisite gaming capabilities combined with state of the art efficiency.

The Diamond Radeon HD 4870 X2 – XOC3 H2O,edition is a dual slot Monster card sitting on a PCI-Express 2.0 slot, loaded with 2GB of DDR5 memory and over clock speeds of 800 MHz on each GPU. The memory speed is OCed to rev at 1100 MHz and is designed with 1600 stream processors. “This adrenaline pumped card on steroids will make our competitors card look like a Ford Pinto station wagon engine” says, Mario Gastelum, Director of Product Development & Engineering. Diamond brings the same engineering mentality to it’s high performance line of Radeon graphics boards that AMG brings to a Mercedes Benz. This finely tuned beast was re-engineered, to go beyond what our competitors are capable of delivering to their end consumers; the real Super RV 770 came out of the closet today to deliver a “real can of ass whooping”.

The HD 4870 X2 – XOC3 H2O edition provides plug-and-play ATI CrossFireX upgradeability with up to quad-GPU support. Continuing with ATI’s Power Play and 55nm processing technology, this card is the fastest, period. We took the same engineering approach from the success of the Diamond Radeon HD 4870 XOC H2O edition and we redesigned the firmware to enable end users to go beyond the normal over clocked speeds and allow them to push their cards for higher performance via the catalyst control center. The GPU’s has been unlocked to push cards to GPU settings of up to 990 Mhz and Memory of up 1200 Mhz. Diamond and Smoothcreations worked closely with Koolance engineering to ensure we had a robust and high performance water cooled solution that allowed Diamond engineers to push the performance envelope. And Koolance flawless was able to accomplish that.

Diamond Radeon HD 4870 X2 - XOC3 H2O Edition Graphics card - Cases and Cooling 2