08 AUGUST 25, 2008
  • NVIDIA will demonstrate truly immersive three-dimensional gaming today at NVISION 08 in San Jose, Calif. Gamers are invited to experience the hottest new PC games on 12 systems featuring NVIDIA GeForce Stereoscopic 3D technology.
  • Several different games will be shown in 3D including Spore, Call of Duty 5, Race Driver Grid, Devil May Cry 4, and Unreal Tournament 3.
  • The games will be displayed on Mitsubishi 73-inch 3D Ready 1080p DLP and never-before- seen ViewSonic Corp. 3D Ready 120Hz LCD displays.
  • NVIDIA GeForce Stereoscopic 3D technology is compatible with more than 350 existing games with no need for special game patches. GeForce Stereoscopic 3D is part of the Force Within, along with NVIDIA SLI technology, PhysX, and CUDA. These key technologies are only available on NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.
  • The sleek ViewSonic 3D Ready 120Hz LCD displays at NVISION feature rich, colorful, blur-free video thanks to their lightning-fast 3ms response times and 120Hz refresh rate. This makes it an ideal display for extreme gaming, entertainment, computer animation, and everyday computing applications.
  • NVISION 08 is a three-day event August 25-27 for professionals and enthusiasts who are passionate about visual computing. Thousands of consumers, designers, developers, artists, gamers, film makers, and business professionals are expected to attend. For more information, visit www.nvidia.com and www.nvision2008.com.