The Wolfking Trooper MVP mouse will give you several advantages over other players with lesser mice.  Not only can you change the DPI on the fly, the mouse will tell you which setting you are currently at and there is a button that lets you chose your rate of fire.  If you want four clicks for every time you hit the fire button, this mouse will let you do it.  There were a few dissapointments from the mouse, as far as Overclockers Club was concerned, drop by to see if they bother you as well.

“Now, this mouse is far from being bad – it does have some great advantages over its competitors. The ability to change the speed and DPI of the mouse on-the-fly just by the touching a button was awesome – no need to pause your gaming session just because you realize you forgot to switch the mouse’s software to a faster setting. For general browsing, 800 DPI has a very good feel, and when I Alt-Tabbed back into game (I do it a lot), I could just switch back to 1600 or 2400 and quickly get into the action again! Also, being able to get up to four continuous shots in a single click has definitely proven useful in many situations.”

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