As more information slowly bleeds out of Blizzard, we begin to get an idea of what StarCraft II is going to look like.  The newest preview movie covers a Terran assault on a Zerg base (choose the HD version or it will look more like gameplay from the original Gauntlet).  You can also follow links that discuss how the single player campaign will work, and why you will be limited in troop tech at the beginning and how to get the more expensive troops as you progress.

“Blizzard had a playable demo of StarCraft 2 running at Leipzig, and Kotaku’s Michael McWhertor had a chance to sit down and spend some time playing the Zerg. The Zerg weren’t available in previous demos; the Protoss and Terran campaigns were showcased earlier. GameSpy took the opportunity to interview two Blizzard employees about what people can expect from the game. Gameplay footage is also available which shows a Terran vs. Zerg battle.”

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