If you remember the original SideWinder, you have good idea what the new X5 model looks like.  Otherwise, ExtremeTech’s description of it being “loosely inspired by Master Chief from Halo and the Mazda Senku concept car” is fairly apt.  The new model includes the ability to program macro buttons and higher DPI, but retains the originals extra large size.  As a MMORPGer or FPSer you may like the idea of the “spin on a dime” button, and if you have hands that swallow smaller mice, you may want to invest in one of these.
“Though it looks like the SideWinder from a year ago, the X5 doesn’t behave exactly the same. This “lite” version doesn’t have weight tuning options, removable Teflon pads, or an LCD screen. Microsoft felt these features were non-essential for a gaming mouse, but they did leave in what is important: three on-the-fly dpi switching buttons, two vertical side buttons, and a fast and accurate laser sensor. Dpi can be dipped as far down as 200dpi, and as high as 2000dpi, which is plenty fast, and slow, for the versatile gamer.”

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