Ryan published a summary of NVISION08 yesterday, covering the highlights of the show and going into much more depth that he had time to do while experimenting with liveblogging.   There was one big announcement that didn’t make it into that article, because nVIDIA had been keeping it under their hats, ready to be pulled out when everyone was getting ready to leave.

Intel’s X58 chipset will natively support SLI, no special logic chips required.

Suddenly the not so exciting update to Intel’s chipset lineup just became the new hot item, supporting both Crossfire and SLI.  You won’t get a watered down version either, it will support 2, 3 and 4 graphics cards, beating even nVIDIA’s chipset which will handle 3 graphics cards plus 1 that handles physics computation.  There is a bit of bad news tied in with good, not every motherboard will support SLI.  There will be certain models that can, and certain others that will be missing the required code in the BIOS.

“NVIDIA decided to wait until the 11th hour to drop a bombshell on the media with information on the first non-NVIDIA chipset to natively support SLI multi-GPU technology. Come in and see all the details of ‘how’ and ‘why’ as well as what it means to the rest of the NVIDIA world.”

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