When someone asks a question of our forum members like this one, you know there is another victim of overclocking addiction.  This addiction can be serious, and tends to start with just a few tweaks to your graphics card using the automated process included in the drivers.  Next, someone will give them a little bit of BIOS advice which usually leads to memory tweaking and before you know it they are over volting and decrying the evils of synchronous busses.  Some extreme cases even go so far as to begin modding and buying non-standard cases that make it easier to swap out parts.

Then come the third party tools and hardware modification to squeeze just a few more megahertz out of your graphics.  Eventually, all hardware in the house like DVD players and receivers are tossed out to be replaced by more PCs, allowing them to enable their addiction from every room in the house, no matter what they migth be doing. 

Once they post all of their hardware on the PC Perspective Trading Post, so fellow victims can pick and choose what they would like and offer their hardware in trade … all is lost.  Don’t worry too much, victims of OC addiction tend to be sedate and harmless … unless you take their Internet connection away.