Samsung’s $4000 SyncMaster XL30 LED Backlit LCDis a little much for your average gamer, as not too many people care to ensure that the blood flying from their opponents is a perfectly accurate shade of red.  On the other hand, those who make their living through graphical design have to have accurate colour depiction.  That is exactly what the XL30 provide, as bit-tech can show you.

“Ultimately, however, it’s those professionals – graphic artists, publishers and the like – that stand to get most out of this wonderfully colour-accurate monitor. If sufficient budget is available, we doubt the XL30 will disappoint for those users. For everyone else, we recommend you plump for a more conventional and affordable 30-incher and if you want to spend a little bit more, it’s still well-worth considering the NEC LCD3090WQXi”

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