The big theme at this years SIGGRAPH seems to be haptic interfaces, both as a control interface for software and as a way to provide direct physical feedback to the user.  That isn’t all though, nVIDIA’s ray-tracing demo was shown there, as well as Intel’s Larrabee getting a lot of focus.  Drop by ExtremeTech to see what was shown, and get a peek at some nice pictures.

“SIGGRAPH is a professional conference, not geared toward the public or the end products they consume. If you’re a professional artist looking forward to the latest features in ZBrush, or a professional/academic researcher that wants to see a presentation on research into how well people can pick out cloned characters in computer-generated crowds, this is your show.

If you’re looking for hot news on the latest consumer graphics cards, monitors, or debuts of the latest graphics-intensive games, you’ll be disappointed. In other words, there’s not a lot of practical new info for the do-it-yourself crowd. That said, we love all things graphics related so much that we just had to stop by for a couple of days and share what we found with you.”

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