Spotswood has a very interesting idea for a case, a kick drum.  Available in three sizes, and with an optional kit that allows you to put drum skins on the case.  Without the drum kit, you simply have a cylindrical casing for your PC, with included mounting brackets and such that will make it a little easier to install than a home made case.  AnandTech still doesn’t recommend this case for anyone who is just getting into building their own PCs, this is a case for those with a bit more experience.

“In our search for something workable, we stumbled upon a very interesting oddity at Spotswood Custom Computers: a round, wooden PC case. It even looks like a kick drum. Hell, you can even get one with drumheads on it. How awesome is that for an extension of music room décor? Of course, with look taken care of, we do need to investigate functionality. This thing needs to be capable of everything any other computer case is able to handle and more. Can it meet your look-and-feel needs while also providing a robust computing solution?”

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