For just over $200 you can be the proud owner of a new AMD Phenom X4 9750 Quad Core processor, about the same price you could expect to pay for a Q6600.  Not only are the prices similar, both operate at 2.4GHz, but unfortunately for AMD the performance doesn’t match up well.  On the positive side, Hardware Canucks does feel that this is the beginning of an upswing for the K10 architecture and that this series is showing promise.  See why in their full review.

“Today we will be looking at one of AMD’s latest weapon in winning back the faithful who had lost their way and have been debating stepping into Intel’s camp. The weapon that we are referring to is the bug fixed X4; or to be more precise the 2.4ghz 9750 X4 in its B3 revision. In this review we are going to put the X4 through its paces, both in Windows XP and Vista to see what this new processor is made of and compare it against the venerable Q6600.”

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