The newly announced Hydra Engine from Lucid seems to have trumped both Crossfire and SLI in a single swipe.  Not only do they seem to imply that their task oriented approach will outperform the brute force style that the current solutions use, the technology will allow a lot of other tasks to be accomplished that are beyond SLI and Crossfire.  It also able to combine any mix of cards from the same vendor, though you can’t mix AMD and nVIDIA … yet.   Check out more information in Ryan’s article.

“You probably haven’t heard of Lucid before, also known as LucidLogix. They are a fab-less semiconductor company meaning they design chips but outsource the manufacturing to other companies like TSMC. NVIDIA and ATI are also fab-less though obviously Lucid is a much smaller organization. The company has backing from several investors including Intel Capital and has over 50 patents (or patent applications) for their first technology we are looking at here.

While the company itself might not be overly exciting, the HYDRA Engine technology they are showcasing this week certainly is.”

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